segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2012


Bored, that would be the best title right now. God it's been ages that I don't post!!!!
Well, life hasn't been at its best, but it's not bad either. I still need to adjust myself to achieve the things I yearn, I believe I'm on the right path, but I need to put more strengh on my actions to walk it properly.
Let's see how things develop from here =)

terça-feira, 15 de março de 2011

    Today a tragedy happened with a person of my street. A girl aged 18 years old died in a car accident coming from Rio. She went there to celebrate her university entrance approval with her boyfriend and his parents. But on the way back the boyfriend lost control of the direction of the car and it flipped. The girl, her boyfriend and his mother died in the  accident. The father is in the hospital.
   I received the sad news when I was coming down the street, I could see a lot of people on the corner of the street- where her and her parents house is located.
   I didn't know how to react. Should I talk to her parents? Should I go home and talk later? Shouldn't I say anything at all? They are suffering a great pain of course. I don't know the dimension of it, I only can see is their great despair for loosing their daughter.
   Days before I said to her father we could go to university together, because we got in on the same time. I'd talk to her this week. Classes stars next Monday. And her parents will never get the chance to see her going to her classes. They will see me and the other neighbor going to classes and will think: " My daughter should be along them both, but she's gone".
   I went there to say I feel sorry, I know her father, but I never talked much to her mother.  I said I feel sorry, and that we should be strong. I first talked to the father, and he told me to see his wife. She was crying out loud:" God knows how much I need her, he'll revive her. I'm sure" .She together with some other old ladies of the street, and some relatives, were looking for all the possible signs that were given in order to warn of the accident. A uncle disagreed with her trip, when she got there she felt her heart clench and wanted to come back, her mother said she should come by plane so she'd arrive faster, but nothing can explain her loss. It's just unfortunate that this tragedy happened.
    I could only feel great sadness. I hugged her mother and the first  thing she said was the university and the plans for us to go together. I said that she should concentrate on the happiness that her daughter gave her. And that she should look for strength in God ( I'm not religious, but she is, and I really think she should attain to something she believes with all her might).
    But I'm unsure if I said was right, because at a moment like that you question everything. Thinks of everything and nothing. Feel full of emotions with a empty soul. Feel it's unfair. Cries silently, or screaming, until feeling numb, because you feel sad and good for nothing. Unable of doing anything. Because you can't turn back time.
    I can only think of how there was a life interrupted. A life with plans. Makes me think that we are extremely fragile, but we constantly forget it, specially at such young age. We barely think of death. We usually relate it to sick or old people. That's why when a life ends like this it's a accident. It's not on the plans. Not on the remade plans. Not on the mind of anyone. It's a sad and tragic interruption. A occasion that can't be taken back, and that resides in peoples memory very deeply and sadly while they go on with their lives.
    I really feel sorry for both families, and for their loss. I hope they can find strength to deal with this situation and to go on with their lives.
Better days will come.
R.I.P. Aline

quinta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2010

William bonner announces visit to King's College London

Surfing in YT, I found this. Well, I never had seen him speaking any language apart from Portuguese. So just to kill the curiosity you can look it there too. kiss~byebye

segunda-feira, 1 de novembro de 2010

\o/ I really need to post something...
Well, once one of my english teachers said it would be good to watch to cartoons were the characters are children, because usually they speak slow and they pronounce all the syllables for not being able to fast speed. So, here is a video a a 3y.o. girl explaining Star Wars.
After watching tell me if you agree with my teacher^^
I noticed that she is not able of pronouncing the 'SH' sound, like spaceship, she sais spaceSip. XD It's cute.
3yo girl summarize star wars

quinta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2010

Funny music

XD So there is a channel a follow in youtube of a series made by a group called funemployed and they made a song that talk about the nowadays pop songs. The lyrics are easy and funny. And it speaks very well about the actual pop music content. You guys could give a try listening to it! byebye

terça-feira, 14 de setembro de 2010

Forum movie

Well, on the last post, I talked about the forum I would go. It has come and gone and I didn't write anything at all about it.

  In one of the nights there there was a movie we would watch and then talk about it. The name of the movie was: "Invisible Children".
  It shows the way children live in Uganda. The country s taken by a civil war, and the 'rebels'- that are the ones against the government there- abducts children trough the hole country to compose their army. But they abduct the ones between 5 and 12 years old, because they are old and big enough to hold a gun and take back other children with then. The director talked to some of the children that managed to escape from the bushes. They said that there, with the rebels they learned not to cry, Because with they cry, they are showing their weakness, or they miss their home so much that they won't be able to go into battle. So, if they cry they get dead.
  The horrible reality forces them to leave their families and go to refugees buildings under hospitals and so on.
  The adults complain that the government does nothing to stop this situation going on... Others claim that USA should interferes in the country politics and help them, and some complain about the lack of interest the global midia shows about the children abductions in Uganda. One even compare the visibility Israel has with the visibility they have. They claimed for help, and no one offered a hand. They ask for us to spread the word so that they can call attention to their situation and get help.
Here's the link of a site for you guys to know more about it and maybe even help.